Michael Goller Morgenstunde (praetexta) (2008)

  • Representative oil painting from 2008 - 1.7 metres wide!
  • Contemplative Painting - Between Abstraction and Representation
  • Contemporary painter from Chemnitz, Germany


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Product number: 30108
Category Malerei
artist Goller, Michael
year 2008
Title Morgenstunde (praetexta)
size 1 105,0 x 170,3 cm
material Oil on canvas
edition Unique
signature Verso titled, signed and dated: Morgenstunde (praetexta) M. Goller 2008
publication Werkverzeichnis-Nr. 2008_7
Provenance Artist's studio
The Painting is in a very good condition
Michael Goller was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitz, in 1974.
Goller developed a gestural, direct painting, which is supplemented by schematic views. The lyrical compositions are of partially simultaneously intense and have a balanced color scheme. In some contexts, Goller uses his own font, that looks like runes.
"Optical swing in the resonant frequency of the tableau" is an access to his paintings. It takes him up to a year to work on individual paintings. Goller "let the painting clot in time," which means not a contradiction of intuitive gestures.
2003, Michael Goller was co-founder of the artist group Querschlag and, together with Peter Piek, of the artist initiative Malfront (2003-2007). After individual and group exhibitions in Germany and Europe, he has already gained considerable recognition.
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Features and remarks

"Morgenstunde (praetexta)" - oil painting by Michael Goller from 2008.

Here the artist creates an associative play of form and colour. Soft, white pastel colours in the spectrum between red and blue overlap in broad, dynamic brushstrokes. The title may refer to the time of the work's creation - but the freshness, stillness and indeterminacy of the dawning day are certainly inherent in the work.