Manfred Peckl Unnützes Wissen (2020)

  • Filigree collage of countless paper strips
  • Surreal landscape - billowing waves and flowing sky
  • Universal artist with punk rock attitude - Active in Berlin


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Product number: 30566
Category Mischtechnik
artist Peckl, Manfred
year 2020
Title Unnützes Wissen
size 1 55,0 x 75,0 cm
material Collage and clear varnish on wood
edition Unique
signature Titled, signed and dated on verso: Unnützes Wissen Manfred Peckl 2020
Provenance Collection Germany
The Mixed media is in a very good condition
Manfred Peckl wurde 1968 in Wels, Österreich, geboren.

Peckl studierte von 1988 bis 1990 an der Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung in Linz und anschließend an der Städelschule in Frankfurt bei Professor Raimer Jochims.

2004/05 sowie 2017/18 hatte er Lehrauftrage für Malerei an den Kunstuniversitäten in Mainz und Karlsruhe inne.

Ausgangspunkt für Peckls Arbeiten sind Landkarten und Werbeplakate aus dem öffentlichen Raum, die er mit dem Schredder in gleichmäßige Streifen schneidet und sie dann nach Farben sortiert.

Manfred Peckl lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.

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Features and remarks

Not with a brush, but with "dry paint" Manfred Peckl, the Austrian-born multi-artist, paints his pictures. Here you have the opportunity to purchase one of his fantastic collage works.

Peckel cuts posters, maps and posters into thin strips and then uses these as the basic building blocks of his pictures. One can imagine his works as a mosaic of paper, which he assembles from countless strips, some of which he shapes by hand.

The landscape presented here is entitled "Useless Knowledge". The night-blue undulating sea seems to be covered by a melting sky bathed in bright colours. "Everything is in flux", one could say, and so the title also makes sense: if everything is in motion, why not simply enjoy it instead of dissecting and rationalising what will be different again tomorrow?

In his collage, Peckl presents not so much a programme or a real landscape but a mood and a space of association.

„Colour is a central theme in these recent landscapes. I use dry paper to create liquid, changing physical states, new worlds of beauty and destruction filled with rolling waves and rays of light.“

Manfred Peckl