Christian Awe breaking free (2020)

  • Colorful painting on the Corona Crisis
  • Large size
  • Emerging artist from Berlin


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Product number: 31398
Category Malerei
artist Awe, Christian
year 2020
Title breaking free
size 1 130,0 x 200,0 cm
material Acrylic on canvas
edition Unique
signature Verso signed.
publication -
Provenance Studio of the artist
The Painting is in a very good condition
Christian Awe was born in Berlin in 1978. He sprayed graffiti in his hometown from the age of 12 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, where he was a student of Georg Baselitz until 2005 and a master student of Daniel Richter in 2006. In 2011, he visited Princeton University, Princeton (New Jersey) as an artist in residence, where he taught students as an urban artist.

Since 2012, Awe has been a board member and mentor in The Young Mesopotamians project at the College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University. Since 2013, he has been a board member of the non-commercial Marma Berlin Project, which gives four artists the opportunity for a three-month working residency in Berlin each year. In 2012, Awe won a Europe-wide tender competition organized by the housing association Howoge to artistically design a 500-square-meter gable wall of the prefab building Frankfurter Allee 192, opposite the former Stasi headquarters in Lichtenberg. In 2015, he provided the office building at Hauptstraße 117 in Berlin-Schöneberg with a 162-square-meter facade painting titled "Adanzé," which means "a warm welcome" in many West African languages. His work has been described as a synthesis of street art and Abstract Expressionism. His complex works can consist of up to fifteen different layers of paint on top of each other. He lives and works in Berlin.
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Features and remarks

"Curiosity and research - I strive for pure colour power, luminous colouring. Gesture dynamics and movement create light space and emotion."

Christian Awe