Romy Furchheim Enfants sensibles (2022)

  • Hand signed unique
  • Contemporary painting - 2 giraffes with flowers
  • Artist from Chemnitz, Germany
  • Directly by the artist


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Product number: 33001
Category Mischtechnik
artist Furchheim, Romy
year 2022
Title Enfants sensibles
size 1 40,0 x 40,0 cm
material Oil and acrylic on canvas
edition Unique
signature Verso signed and dated: Romy Furchheim 2022
Provenance Artist's studio
The Mixed media is in a very good condition
Light imprint of the signature.
Romy Furchheim wurde 1978 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (heute Chemnitz) geboren.

Ihre künstlerische Ausbildung erlangte Furchheim von 1997 bis 2004 in den Werkstätten am Helmnot Theater in den Bereichen Malsaal, Theater- und Kostümplastik. Dort war sie bis 2020 als leitende Bühnenplastikerin und Bühnenmalerin, Werkstattleiterin und Produktionsleiterin tätig.

Parallel dazu erlangte sie zeichnerische Bildung bei Zorik Davidjan im Chemnitzer Künstlerbund e.V.

Seit 2020 entstanden eigene künstlerische Arbeiten.

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Features and remarks

This painting by Romy Furchheim combines strong colors with delicate shapes in an impressive synthesis. The compact image motif - two giraffes with colorful floral decor - thus intensely affects the viewer and develops an impressive depth.

The giraffes are depicted frontally and up to the neck against a blue background. The horns (ossicones) of a giraffe are decorated with various flowers, whereby these appear like a part of the animal. Overall, the image creates an extremely harmonious impression, which is, however, questioned by various details - especially the clear blue eyes of the animals.


Characteristic of the artist's working method is especially the fine stroke, the precise variation of similar structures and the coherent color palette. Her works partly open up into three-dimensional space through the choice of materials.