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We help make art trading safer by offering our decades of expertise in the art market to both sides when buying and selling art, enabling the greatest possible security for art buyers and art sellers in a transaction.

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Elke Nebel
  • Top provenance - Signed piece unique
  • Sensual Nude - Female figure in bright red
  • Contemporary painter and video artist
  • Former student of Jörg Immendorff in Düsseldorf

Norbert Schwontkowski
Ost Land
  • Piece unique - Signed by hand
  • Abstracted landscape with stylised Greek temples
  • Poetic Figuration - Important German Painter from Bremen
  • Very good condition

Irene Bösch
Flowers in vase
  • Handsigned piece unique
  • Sensitive color composition - Delicate floral still life
  • German artist from Chemnitz

Karl Rödel
Alpine pastures in the snow
  • Large piece unique
  • Abstract composition - Landscape
  • Wellknown German Illustrator and painter
  • Top provenance

Beate Kunath
Untitled from the series: Strommast
  • Handsigned and strictly limited edition of only 10 copies
  • Award-winning German filmmaker and video artist

Gottfried Helnwein
Ein Magier inhaliert. (Inhalier, Magier!)
  • Unique piece from the 1970s - Delicate hand drawing
  • Interior with dramatic light incidence - The artist-magician is illuminated
  • Internationally significant contemporary artist from Austria - Hyperrealism
  • Increase in value

Hannah T. Förtsch
from the series Einzelne
  • Piece unique
  • Filigree work of the young artist - ballpoint pen ornament
  • Contemporary artist from Austria

Manfred Peckl
  • Filigree collage of countless paper strips
  • Faces - Alienated portrait with "feather decoration"
  • Universal artist with punk rock attitude - Active in Berlin

Judith Sturm
  • Hand signed piece unique - over 2.5 meters wide!
  • Stylish still life with female figures - Informal Realism
  • German artist and designer
  • Master student of Prof. Bodo Baumgarten

Marius Seidlitz
  • Hand signed piece unique - Top condition!
  • Intense colours - Wild Cat
  • Top Provenance - Directly by the artist

Richard Lindner
St. Mark's Place - From: Fun City
  • Handsigned and limited edition
  • From the portfolio Fun City
  • German-American artist - Pop Art
  • With frame ready for your wall

Hannah T. Förtsch

Richard Lindner
Ok - From: Fun City
  • Handsigned and limited edition
  • From the portfolio Fun City
  • German-American artist - Pop Art
  • With frame ready for your wall

Richard Lindner
Out-of-Townersfrom: Fun City
  • Handsigned and limited edition
  • From the portfolio Fun City
  • German-American artist - Pop Art
  • With frame ready for your wall

Irene Bösch
  • Handsigned watercolour
  • Sensitive color composition - A light in the darkness
  • German artist from Chemnitz

Michael Morgner
  • Breathtaking - Strictly limited edition of 14 etchings + 1 photograph and unique box
  • Inspired by the martyrdom of Jesus Christ - suffering and the human condition in powerful images
  • Important German artist from Chemnitz - GDR
  • Increase in value

Karl Rödel
Flags in front of houses
  • Large piece unique
  • Abstract composition - Landscape
  • Wellknown German Illustrator and painter
  • Top provenance

Richie Culver
  • Eye-catcher - Large canvas
  • Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat - Expressive Reflection on Eternity and Now
  • Exciting contemporary artist from the UK
  • Ready to hang!

Hannah T. Förtsch
  • Molecular painting with thread ornaments
  • Filigree work of the young artist from Austria
  • Gallery framed with UV protection glass, ready to hang

Markus Lüpertz
St. Martin
  • Piece unique in large format
  • Overpainted drypoint - St. Martin cuts his coat
  • One of the most famous German contemporary artists


e.artis - Online art trade

Since 2009, e.artis is the auction house on the Internet that specializes in online art auctions. The weekly online auctions take place completely without limit prices. Thus, even high quality works of art are successfully put up for sale starting at a starting price of 1,- Euro. In our auctions you will find mainly fine art and design objects.

The transaction is both simple and legally secured. Our first-class auctions therefore offer a high degree of seriousness. Consequently, of course, also in security. This is reflected in the above-average customer ratings. In other words: The satisfaction of our customers always has the highest priority for us. Because not to forget - art trade is a matter of trust.

Moreover, the information given in the descriptions is always researched with all due care. As a serious art dealer, we naturally also adhere to all legal requirements such as the Cultural Property Protection Act or the resale right.

We offer fine art not only for collectors. Interested beginners are equally welcome.

We are a constantly growing company. In May 2015 we finally expanded our online art auctions with a gallery for contemporary art: e.artis contemporary.

Our company is located in the center of Chemnitz. Located in a beautiful Gründerzeit house. You will find us at the Karl-Schmidt-Rottluff-Brücke. Directly at the driveway to the art nouveau district Kaßberg.

In the meantime we offer a variety of services around art: art consulting, art mediation, restoration, digitalization of art collections etc. Detailed information can be found here:


From passion my team and I work for the art. Accordingly, also for all art lovers. With our wide range of services we bring art to people and people to art.

We look forward to meeting you!


Konstanze Wolter

Founder & Managing Partner e.artis GmbH

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