For us, sustainability is not just an issue of climate protection, but also of doing business. 

Klimaneutrales Unternehmen

e.artis on the way to becoming an environmentally friendly company.

Climate change is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century and also a very big issue for us!

We have set ourselves the task of becoming a climate-neutral company.

We set out on the road to becoming an environmentally friendly company a while ago. Our goal is to operate in a climate-neutral manner in the medium term.
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So far, we are already implementing these measures to be environmentally friendly:
  • Since founded in 2009: Use of recycled paper in the office
  • 2010: 80 % renewable raw materials for packaging
  • 2015: 100% green electricity
  • 2017: Paperless accounting
  • 2018: CO2 offsetting for print products, transports, flights
  • 2019: Energy-saving LED permanent lighting in our gallery e.artis contemporary for the exhibitions
  • 2020: Green-Hosting
  • 2021: Introduction e-mobility

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