Verschiedene Grafik zu Liedern der Französischen Revolution (1989)

  • Complete edition in original box with record
  • Association of Fine Artists of the GDR - On the Anniversary of 1989
  • Hand-signed by U. Hachulla, K.-G. Hirsch, J. Jansong, J. John, R. Kuhrt,
  • W. Liebmann, G. Mackensen, R. Minkewitz, R. Münzer, R. Paris, V. Pfüller, O. Sander, St. T. Wagner, F. Wahle, T. Wendisch & W. Wolk


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Product number: 33665
Category Grafik
artist Verschiedene,
year 1989
Title Grafik zu Liedern der Französischen Revolution
size 1 Box 58,0 x 42,0 x 4,0 cm
material Etching (10x), screen printing (1x), lithography (2x), woodcut (1x), mixed media (1x), offset lithography (1x) on paper
edition 75 + V + 20 copies, here one of 20 specimen copies (e.a.)
signature All sheets inscribed, titled and signed in pencil
publication -
Provenance Private Collection Germany
The Print is in a very good condition
(Binding with slight surface marks and partly detached labels).
Es handelt sich um Kunstwerke verschiedener Künstler.
e.artis safety

Features and remarks

Here you have the opportunity to acquire a complete portfolio from 1989.

The edition, limited to 100 copies, was printed by the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts on behalf of the Association of Fine Artists of the GDR on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution.

16 artists each realised, in their preferred technique (etching, lithography, screen printing, etc.), compositions to songs that sing of the revolution. The record "Ça ira. Songs of the French Revolution", sung by Dieter Süverkrüp, is included with the edition.

This is a voucher copy from the former collection of one of the publishers. Well guarded and in very good condition!

Each sheet stands on its own and for the respective artist - and yet all the sheets together make up a multi-layered chorus on one of the most important historical events of modern times.